Stauroteuthis – A deepwater octopus genus

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1Stauroteuthis is a genus of deepwater octopus, a cephalopod mollusk. This is the only genus in the family Stauroteuthidae, and only two species have been described in this genus.

The organisms live below 700 m (2,300 ft) water depth; although sometimes found as deep as 4 km (2.5 mi) underwater, they generally live at a water depth of around 2 km (1.2 mi). They do not possess a radula.

The stauroteuthids have the distinction of being one of the few bioluminescent octopuses; some of the muscle cells that control the suckers in most species have been replaced with photophores which are believed to fool prey by directing them towards the mouth. 


  • Stauroteuthis gilchristi is only known from two localities in the south Atlantic; these two localities may even represent different species.

Stauroteuthis gilchristi is a species of small pelagic octopus found at great depths in the south Atlantic Ocean. It is believed to be one of a very small number of octopuses to exhibit bioluminescence, like its sister taxon Stauroteuthis syrtensis.

  • Stauroteuthis syrtensis is widespread in the North Atlantic. The population size of S. syrtensis is unknown.

Stauroteuthis syrtensis, also known as the glowing sucker octopus, is a species of small pelagicoctopus found at great depths in the north Atlantic Ocean. It is one of a very small number of octopuses to exhibit bioluminescence.



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