Mosquitoes As Biological Weapons

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sok-gercek--sivrisinekten-biyolojik-silahIt was appeared that Nazis had conducted studies to use mosquitoes as biological weapons towards the end of the Second World War.

Tübingen University scientist Klaus Reinhardt that writes articles for the journal ‘Endeavour’ came to this conclusion by basing  Dochau concentration camp protocols.

According to Deutsche Welle reports, Reinhardt expresses that it was searched in research institute at Dachau how mosquitos could survive a longer period to take the mosquitoes infected with malaria to enemy territory and release them there.

Reinhardt says that officially it was conducted studies in order to find meds against lice and insect pets borne diseases in the laboratory. Typhoid and other diseases were very common among German soldiers and in concentration camps. Tübingen University basing institute director’s notes has announced that these notes clearly show to be studied on an assault weapon.

0,,16023671_303,00Reinhardt examined the entomological institute taking part in concentration camp at Dachau, the research protocols and institute director’s notes for the study. Here, Reinhardt expressed that in 1944 scientists did research about the fact that various mosquito species were quiet appropriate to be used as a war weapon. As the results of research, it has been stated that the institute director advised certain species of mosquitoes Anopheles for this mission .

Reinhardt has expressed that it is a controversial topic whether Nazis planned to use a biological weapon during Second World War or not. And finally he said that this problem would be discussed again in light of new findings.

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