Girl or Boy?

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boy_girl_pink_blue1Can mother or father determine the gender of the baby? Scientists have propounded various theories about which circumstances have a dominant role on the child’s gender. Many of us think it is a chance which gender it is. That it would be a girl or a boy is a random process decided with equal probability. Scientists, however,believe that nature does not just toss up. There are many events that push scientists to believe it.

•Research results show that the number of men born is slightly more than the number of women born.

•106 boys to every 100 girls

Besides, it comes in more interesting findings.

B•Men in high positions like presidents and lords tend more to have boys.

•Submersible test pilot and carpenter tend more to have girls.

•In temperatures above seasonal normals, more boys are born.

•Old men also tend to have girls.

•During each battle and after each battle dozens of boys roam around.

All of these results show men are more likely to have male children in some cases. The questions of whether parents can determine the gender of the children or not still are looking for answers.

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