Blood Vessels From An Inkjet Printer

4 years ago by in Biotechnology

For way it’s particularly important not only when it comes to sports good circulation down to the fingertips. Without blood there is no life and without healthy arteries guiding blood through the finest branching vessels down to the fingertips our limbs and organs would not get any energy. A team of experts from five pounds of the Institute’s has initiated process for developing artificial blood vessels in the laboratory believe me 90 suspended and is a shaft. “ We live in a evolving society we’re living a longer and longer. Staying fit and of course we want to preserve our bodies. To do this we need the assistance have medical technology in because donor tissue will not solve the problem. It is too scarce we are working on few to technology to create artificial supporting structures that can be combined with the patients’ own selves for use in transplants tighter have in the bed and couldn’t get .” said Güntar Tovar, Frounhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology IGB.

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