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Welcome to the bionic eye app. This app simulates the sort of vision that a person might experience using a bionic eye. The bionic eye is a retinal implant, placed at the back of the eye to restore a sense of vision for people with profound vision loss due to degenerative conditions of the retina. An external camera captures the visual scene and sends data to the implant. Electrodes on the implant electrically stimulate the nerve cells in the retina, providing a sense of vision. In this app, each spot of light that appears represents one electrode.

The purpose of this app is to simulate what bionic vision might look like. This app is not able to exactly represent the kind of vision processing that will be deployed with the full bionic eye devices. Research and development of vision processing strategies for the actual bionic eye implant is being completed at the NICTA Computer Vision Research Group in Canberra. Further, each and every patient’s experience with a bionic eye will be different and hence the vision they experience might be different to what is represented in this app. This app is intended for education purposes only.


“This would give the public an idea of what might be experienced by someone with a prosthetic vision device. In other words, simply through an app on a mobile phone, people can gain an understanding of what it might be like for vision-impaired people who have devices implanted to help them regain some sight.”  -Matias Maturana(the founder of the app)


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