Anatomy Flashcards Educational Application

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Anatomy flashcards application is useful for medical students as well as anyone interested in human body anatomy and medicine. You can see and learn the locations of the parts of human anatomy system which is illustrated on the diagrams. These colorful and schematic flashcards include all human systems and gross anatomy.

Each flashcard has two sides, one illustrates the human anatomy with the parts numbered, and the other illustrates the parts with the terms.

Go to menu to choose one of the human body systems or gross anatomy or tap on the flashcards to see the parts of the systems more detailed. For example, in muscular systems you can find anterior, posterior flashcards, head and neck anatomy.

In gross anatomy, flashcards of the eye, ear, mouth and teeth are available in details.


– The flashcards of the muscular system, nervous system, digestive system, urinary system, reproductive system, respiratory system, skeletal system.
– More detailed flashcards of the eye anatomy, ear anatomy, mouth and teeth anatomy in groos anatomy.
– The parts and organs of the systems like heart anatomy, head and neck anatomy, kidney anatomy and more
– Anterior, posterior and lateral views of the anatomy systems.
– Two sided diagrams one of which indicates the organs with numbers, the other indicates with the terms.
– Colorful and educational contents.



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